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Topological Optimization and Optimal Transport: In the Applied Sciences
Emergent Phenomena in Atomic Nuclei from Large-scale Modeling: A Symmetry-guided Perspective
Applied Probability (Texts in Statistics) by Kenneth Lange
PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS by Michael Tuchman
Topics in Applied Statistics (Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics) by Mingxiu Hu

Topological Optimization and Optimal Transport: In the Applied Sciences

De Gruyter | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 3110439263 | 432 pages | PDF | 7.64 MB

by Maitine Bergounioux (Editor), Edouard Oudet (Editor), Martin Rumpf (Editor), Guillaume Carlier (Editor), Thierry Champion (Editor), Filippo Santambrogio (Editor)
By discussing topics such as shape representations, relaxation theory and optimal transport, trends and synergies of mathematical tools required for optimization of geometry and topology of shapes are explored. Furthermore, applications in science and engineering, including economics, social sciences, biology, physics and image processing are covered.
Part I
Geometric issues in PDE problems related to the infinity Laplace operator
Solution of free boundary problems in the presence of geometric uncertainties
Distributed and boundary control problems for the semidiscrete CahnHilliard/NavierStokes system with nonsmooth GinzburgLandau energies
High-order topological expansions for Helmholtz problems in 2D
On a new phase field model for the approximation of interfacial energies of multiphase systems
Optimization of eigenvalues and eigenmodes by using the adjoint method
Discrete varifolds and surface approximation
Part II
Weak MongeAmpere solutions of the semi-discrete optimal transportation problem
Optimal transportation theory with repulsive costs
Wardrop equilibria: long-term variant, degenerate anisotropic PDEs and numerical approximations
On the Lagrangian branched transport model and the equivalence with its Eulerian formulation
On some nonlinear evolution systems which are perturbations of Wasserstein gradient flows
Pressureless Euler equations with maximal density constraint: a time-splitting scheme
Convergence of a fully discrete variational scheme for a thin-film equatio
Interpretation of finite volume discretization schemes for the FokkerPlanck equation as gradient flows for the discrete Wasserstein distance

Emergent Phenomena in Atomic Nuclei from Large-scale Modeling: A Symmetry-guided Perspective

World Scientific | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 9813146044 | 392 pages | PDF | 11.04 MB

by Kristina D Launey (Author, Editor)
This book is a unique collection of reviews that share a common topic, emergent phenomena in atomic nuclei, while revealing the multifaceted nature of the subject, from quarks to heavy nuclei. It tells an amazing story of a decades-long journey of trials and successes, up to present days, with the aim to understand the vast array of experimental data and the fundamentals of strongly interacting fermions. The emphasis is on discovering emergent orderly patterns amidst the overarching complexity of many-particle quantum-mechanical systems. Recent findings are discussed within an interesting framework: a combination of nuclear theory and experiment, of group theory and computational science, and of pivotal models of astonishing simplicity and state-of-the-art models empowered by supercomputers.
A special theme resonates throughout the book: the important role of symmetries, exact and approximate, in exposing emergent features and guiding large-scale nuclear modeling. World-renowned experts offer their unique perspective on symmetries in the world of quarks and gluons, and that of protons and neutrons from chiral symmetry, through spin-isospin and quasi-spin symmetries, to symplectic symmetry, as well as on the emergent nature of nuclear collectivity, clustering, and pairing, viewed from spectroscopy, microscopic considerations, and first principles. The book provides an excellent foundation that allows researchers and graduate students in physics and applied mathematics to review the current status of the subject, and to further explore the research literature through exhaustive sets of references that also point to studies underpinned by similar techniques in condensed matter and atomic physics along with quantum information.
Readership: Graduate students and researchers in nuclear physics

Applied Probability (Texts in Statistics) by Kenneth Lange

English | 12 Mar. 2003 | ISBN: 0387004254 | 379 Pages | PDF | 1 MB

This textbook on applied probability is intended for graduate students in applied mathematics, biostatistics, computational biology, computer science, physics, and statistics. It presupposes knowledge of multivariate calculus, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and elementary probability theory.

PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS by Michael Tuchman

English | 2013 | ISBN: 1607646676 | 312 Pages | PDF (conv) | 25.69 MB

PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS demonstrates the practical uses of the DOCUMENT procedure, a part of the Output Delivery System, in SAS 9.3. Michael Tuchman explains how to work with PROC DOCUMENT, which is designed to store your SAS procedure output for replay at a later time without having to rerun your original SAS code. Youll learn how to:
save a collection of procedure output, descriptive text, and supporting graphs that can be replayed as a single unit
save output once and distribute that same output in a variety of ODS formats such as HTML, CSV, and PDF
create custom reports by comparing output from the same procedure run at different points in time
create a table of contents for your output
modify the appearance of both textual and graphical ODS output even if the original data is no longer available or easily accessible
manage your tabular and graphical output by using descriptive labels, titles, and footnotes
rearrange the original order of output in a procedure to suit your needs

Topics in Applied Statistics (Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics) by Mingxiu Hu

English | 14 Sept. 2013 | ISBN: 1461478456 | 340 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

This volume presents 27 selected papers in topics that range from statistical applications in business and finance to applications in clinical trials and biomarker analysis.

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