When we think of logos we most commonly think of the typography, the names of the brands. Well here are some brands that are recognized even without their name being shown.

Pepsi logo

5. Pepsi’s newest logo was created by the Arnell Group for about a million dollars. It still displays the same red white and blue colors but is now associated with obesity. Personally I don’t find it as recognizable as the 1971 logo or even the bottle cap 1962 version. The vintage look served Pepsi well.  Which do you prefer?

Mcdonald's Logo

4. The Mcdonald’s arch logo was originally appeared in 1968 created by Jim Schindler the head of engineering and design but has since been modified quite a number of times since. For a time building were being remodeled without the golden arches (conveniently in the shape of an M) but since then a number of new building has reincorporated the arches or have redesigned in a mixture of modern and vintage style. Even still the golden arches are promptly displayed on the front of their stores with the red and gold tints on the archway logo.

Playboy Logo

3. Playboy was a magazine created by Hugh Hefner but the iconic bunny logo we know today was actually created by the magazine’s first art director Art Paul and has been used since the second published issue. The playful nature of the bunny yet sophistication of its tuxedo sets Playboy apart from other similarly purposed magazines.

Nike Swoosh Logo

2. The Nike “Swoosh” logo was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson when she was just only a student of graphic design. This design is another logo recognized even without the brand name etched with it. Since 1995 the Swoosh design has been the sole logo for Nike removing the b

Mickey Mouse Logo

old Nike text.

1. Most children from developed countries know who Mickey Mouse is and that he represents fantasies, dreams and Disney. The original iconic Mickey Mouse logo which you can still see hidden in many of the theme parks is the three circles logo created by Ub Iwerks who was Walt Disney’s right hand man, animator and original cartoonist.  More recently though Mickey has gone through a series of changes the icon is more oval than circular to represent the ever changing look of Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

While there are many companies who have focused on branding their company without the direct use of typography these are the five I chose to mention. What are your favorite five?

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