If you live in England, Japan (Tokyo), France (Paris), or Korea (Seoul) then you’ve probably already heard of Lush Spa but if haven’t Lush Spa is a derivative of Lush (Lush Cosmetics) whom specializes in fresh handcrafted products. Now they’ve taken it to the next level with a number of choreographed spa treatments that immerse every one of your sense into relaxation.

I visited the spa located in center city Philadelphia (the other is located in New York City) and I have to say it was pretty epic. While is still had that spa feel of relaxation it definitely pulled a palette from a more homey, comfortable beach feel versus the generally clean cut beige bland feel I’ve come across all too often in spas. Another difference, there is color in every room. Lights, fog, scents all particular to each treatment and all complementary of one another. Each treatment has signature spa exclusive products and is designed to make you feel better about you rather than to conform to societies desires. This spa is about celebrating you, yourself. To release any stress in your life, mind and body as well as to move forward. (In fact there is a treatment for that!)

The treatments are reasonably priced for everything they include. You can get a tailor made treatment for $120. Not bad.

Find out more at Lush Spa!

When was the last time you treated yourself to a spa day? 

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