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I’m not into dieting but sometimes we find ourselves with less than healthy food choices in our home and if we don’t have healthier choices we won’t be able to eat healthier. Here are four steps towards healthier eating :

  1. Talk with your family or those you live with about making a healthier change. Let them know that it will be a gradual process of removing the unhealthiest and replacing them with healthier alternatives. This way no one freaks out when their favorite snack is no longer available in the home and everyone can support one another.
  2. I’m a big list maker so making a list or plan of what I want to accomplish is always my first step. Determine what healthier alternatives you and your family could do in your life and write a “instead of” shopping list with those that are most unhealthy rated as such. (Junk food as 5 processed foods 4 etc..) Involving the family in this step can be quite beneficial and by finding healthier alternatives that each person likes will increase the likelihood of keeping the overly processed foods out of your home.
  3. The next time you go shopping purchase a few of the worst food replacement items. DO NOT substitute the entire list. (Going cold turkey almost never works.) Whatever number you are comfortable with. Personally I chose the snack or food I ate the most and substituted it out with a healthier alternative. I also went from drinking soda, to juice, to water.
  4. Repeat step 3 every week or every other week after you have adjusted to the previous replacements.

You’ll notice that the less processed and ultimately “bad for you” foods you eat the better your food actually tastes. Depending on the foods you eat you can improve your skin, your digestive track, rid headaches and a ton of other added bonuses too.

Check out this article by Laken b. Nix for more Healthy eating resources and tips.

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