Honestly, we all need one. You need that one dress that you just feel invincible in whether you are meeting a new client, trying to win that promotion or interviewing for a new job. Our thoughts: Keep it simple and elegant but you have to feel like you can accomplish anything in it!  Color is great but do it with balance. (some of these may require a pairing jacket to make it work appropriate.)


[1] Two Toned Belted [2] Color Tipped Sheath

[3] Wrapped [4] Draped & Belted Royal [5] Lace overlay

Depending on your profession choices may vary. Someone in an art career maybe be able to get away with more styles, patterns and (let’s just be honest, fun) versus say someone who is an accountant for a bank where a more structured look would be appropriate. Be aware of the dresses’ length, style and cut as it pertains to your work environment (and sometimes color as well).


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