Job Interview

Sometimes we just don’t know or we’ve been in the same job for 20 years and we’re finally back out there looking for a new job. Regardless of your situation here are some tips to keep you prepared for an interview!

  1. Research the company if you don’t already know
  2. Go over your resume the night before. Understand your strengths, your weaknesses and how to discuss both in your favor.  Bring a copy of your resume to the interview.
  3. Get good sleep (now is not the time to stay up until 2am watching tv reruns), and eat a good, healthy (energy full) breakfast. If your interview is later in the day eat a healthy, vitamin full lunch. Avoids sugary junk foods that will slow you down or make you jittery. If you aren’t busy that morning maybe do some exercises or go for a run. This will help alleviate any nervous feelings if you normally get any.
  4. Carry minimal items. I understand certain jobs require portfolios and such but lugging a huge bag into an interview makes you look disorganized. Keep it simple.
  5. Dress appropriately. This means not only should you be dressing professionally but you need to dress appropriate to your profession. I’m all for personal style but keeping it simple for an interview can be a good thing. It keeps them focused on you as an applicant and not your clothing. I still suggest a splash of your style to show personality but keep it minimal, clean and professional.
  6. Post interview. Be sure to have your interviewer’s or company contact information so that you can send them either a thank you letter via e-mail or postal mail.


What are some of your favorite, tips or tricks to prepare/ be prepared for an interview?

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