Many of us are guilt of breaking one of these rules because well work can sometimes be incredibly dull, or we woke up 5 minutes before we needed to leave the house or the cute guy winked at us or hey we want that big promotion so we hide in our cubical and eat lunch there. Regardless of our many excuses here are our 7 don’ts for a work environment.

  1. Don’t date coworkers! Please don’t, we totally understand you are spending most of your time with this hot stud in section B but in six months it’s likely to turn sour and if you are one of the lucky ones who works at the same place for a number of years you’ll have to deal with this person daily.  If you do decided to take the interoffice dating plunge 1. Be prepared for consequences if he isn’t your dream man and 2. Be discreet with your relationship 3. Date someone who is equal to you vs dating your boss
  2. No deep V neck shirts please. Unless you are working in a profession where it is socially acceptable like maybe a model or a club manager we don’t want the lovely lady bubs shared. Speaking from personal experience I absolutely know how difficult it is as a large chested woman to not have shirt issues or bra issues for that matter but wearing a low V shirt is just going to make everything so much worse. You can do a V neck, just do it with taste!
  3. Don’t sit on facebook or twitter or any other social media you may use. Again unless you’re the social media expert at your job just don’t do it. You’re at work to be productive not to get paid for playing Farmville (is that even a thing anymore?). When you’re at work BE PRESENT, always. That raise you want isn’t going to just magically appear girl you need to work for it. Especially since on average men make a higher salary than women working at the same job.
  4. Don’t make work your life. Yes I’m guilty of being a work-a-holic but I have people around me who pull me aside and say “HEY YOU spend time with your family” or “Go Take a break” and yes I normally reply with “Okay right after I finish this” but you really need to remember that there is a life outside of work and you should enjoy it because it will vastly improve your outlook on life. When all you do is work you miss out on a lot. Unless you have an epic traveling job that you love and are happy as a clam. In that case ignore this tid bit.
  5. Don’t bring your personal problems into the work environment. Any problems at home leave them at the door or go see a therapist (or if you work at a facility that offers therapy use that).
  6. Don’t show up ill prepared or late. Accidents happen but not every meeting.
  7. Don’t skip lunch. I know lunch at your desk can be tempting but don’t make it a habit. 1.  Your employer will expect you to always work on your break and 2. You’ll miss out on networking with fellow employees or bounce ideas in a less stressful environment.

Feature photo by Jim Pennucci





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