Neon Lights Tour

Tampax sent us to the Demi Lovato Neon Lights Tour in Camden, New Jersey. The message was pretty clear, empowerment for women and it was very refreshing to see women from young teens to older adults singing and sharing the powerful message with one another. In fact I have never been to a more unified concert. With a message that screams, be radiant, be yourself.


In the same instance she takes ownership of her time in rehab with a video shown at the end of the night that shows her climb back to sobriety and being true to herself. She shows that you can have fun without drugs and alcohol. She is a testament that even though life may throw you a curve ball or two…or three you can rise above if you believe in yourself enough. A powerful message I think that any teen should know even more to admit when things are bad and to seek help when needed.

Demi Concert

Do you think Demi can redeem herself as a good role model?

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