Dear Cherrie,

I feel like I am a friend magnet that went out of service. A few years ago people would have considered me popular and I had tons of friends who I could trust. All of a sudden when I broke up with a boy, everyone stopped talking to me. I had a few friends who I can barely trust and I still have them today but things just aren’t right between us. One of them was the first best friend I’ve had and now a “mean/popular” girl is manipulating my friend and no one cares about me. What’s a girl to do?


Dear no one cares,

Here’s what you probably don’t want to hear. Sometimes losing friends is a part of life. Sometimes we lose great friends, but sometimes (more often then not) we lose friends that really weren’t our friends to begin with. Sometimes the people around you are only there for what you can provide them and not for a real friendship. This could be because you are around a particular person, have money or even a skill that they can get from you. You must equip your bullshit-o-meter for these people and trust your instincts.


If you feel you can’t trust the people around you, you are in with the wrong crowd. Remember the people you keep closest to you tells others about the person you are. You could be warding off new friends because of the company you keep. If those people are tearing you down, it may be time to find some new buds.


I find the best way to organically make new friends is to just put your self out there, no fear. Go learn a new skill or even volunteer somewhere. You will surely make a new friend. Remember to stay true to yourself, and keep in mind that anyone who can’t love you as you are, really isn’t worth your time. Also remember, loving yourself increases your confidence, confidence along with humility will go a long way in life.


Carpe Diem.




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