All submitted work must be follow Feed Mink guidelines and must be of professional grade and contain original content.

Creative Writing & Articles General Guidelines

  • Credit must be given to any articles your work my be derived from.
  • Keep content PG-13
  • You can write a topic you have previously but word it differently
  • You can not submit works that have been published elsewhere
  • ALL submissions must have a written portion even if it is just a paragraph long.

Photography, Graphic Design, Art  & Illustrations


  • Submit high quality photos preferably 1200px in width no smaller than 700px in width
  • Credit the Team/Models you work with (and their agency). Any and all Photos, Graphics, Art or Illustrations that are used on Feed Mink MUST contain due credit even if you are the creator you must list your name as the creditor


  • No mobile phone pictures or instagram photos (unless mobile app related.)
  • No Nudity or violence – Lets keep it friendly
  • No gang related content will be published


  • Any item that was sent to you for review you must explicitly mention this at the beginning of your review.
  • Reviews must be professional
  • Be Honest and respectful


  • Limit Your Questions to no more than 20 no less than 5 for bullets unless you are doing an article styled interview.
  • No more than 3 accompanying photos submitted for Interviews

How To’s

  • Be as detailed as possible every step is important
  • Number your steps
  • If possible use screen captures or Illustrations to help the reader follow your advice


  • You can submit various types of videos from interviews, reviews, how-to’s anything that may assist in your article
  • Videos must be credited
  • Any images or music used must be cited
  • Proper submission of a video is a live URL
  • If the content stops working it will be removed from the site
  • Must have consent of every person in the video to be able to pot the video

If you are found in violation of any of these guidelines your content will be removed and you will be banned from further contribution. We are a serious online publication and copyright issues are serious. Obey the law.